Tax Problem Resolution

Not sure how to handle your latest tax problems? You shouldn’t have to! We don’t want you to stress over tax problem resolutions. We think these problems should most certainly be left to the professionals. You can trust The Tax Shelter to handle all your problems with urgency and care. Because of our concentrated size, our clients get the benefit of personal, specialized care, and a trusting relationship with our firm. Does the IRS or the State have a lien on your property? Is there a levy on your wages or bank account? These aren’t problems to be taken lightly; we respect the value of your money! The Tax Shelter offers IRS representation and theist tax problem resolutions.

The Tax Shelter offers full tax problem resolution services for these types of problems; it’s what we are here for! We take time to carefully prepare the necessary forms for the best IRS representation or state representation. We want to have your lien and/or levy released completely so that you no longer feel bound by taxes. We can arrange feasible payment arrangements that fit your budget and lifestyle. We want to do what is best for you and your financial situation. We also prepare Offers in Compromise based on an hourly fee, not a percentage of the tax compromised. Let The Tax Shelter be your problem solvers and help you untangle the web of tax lockdown.