Online Accounting

Access all your banking needs in the office or at home. The Tax Shelter online accounting package is an effective and efficient way to utilize professional accounting services from a computer. Our communications package is proven to be an extremely secure program, as well as very user friendly. We want this to be a helpful tool you can access, even if you aren’t the most conditioned computer user.

We don’t want technology to get in the way of our personalized care, which we take so much pride in. We handle online accounting in two ways.

  • One way to use your online accounting package also includes being aided by our firm. You can contact us and have one of our experts remotely log in to your accounting software and walk you through the vitals of your financials. 

  •  The second way is simply by sending a copy of your digital file to us. You can do this online through email, secure FTP or conventional mail. 

Once we receive your file, we begin reviewing it for accuracy and compliance with all tax laws. If there are any changes to be made, we will carefully edit and make the necessary changes. Once all this is done, we prepare financial reports for your use. These can help you identify areas of your business and budget that aren’t helping you grow. You have the confidence of knowing that your financial data has been reviewed by an accounting professional and is accurate.