Tax Return Extension Coming Up

As the tax return extension for 2019 quickly draws to a conclusion, there are many essential points to remember, as well as a few key methods to prepare for this approaching deadline. At The Tax Shelter, we can help you efficiently plan for this stressful time.

The most vital thing to remember in regards to the tax return extension 2019 is that your taxes must be fully completed and filed by October 15th, 2019. Although this deadline may seem distant, it is less than a mere two months away. In order to have received this extension, you must have already turned in an estimated payment ahead of time. Previous tax forms were required to be postmarked by April 15th, 2019. If this step was not completed, interest and penalties are a possibility. 

However, with The Tax Shelter, your tax return extension can be easily achieved with the help of our acknowledged staff. With The Tax Shelter’s experience of over 45 years within the profession, you can be guaranteed to have all of your questions and concerns about the tax return extension deadline answered.

In addition, be sure to visit our website at to view our Important Tax Documents page. We have a few fundamental documents to help our customers get started with the tax return filing process. These include tax law changes, tax prep checklists, and 2019 tax organizers. With these convenient documents, The Tax Shelter helps make the tax return extension process straightforward and worry-free.

For all of your tax return extension needs, call The Tax Shelter at 706-353-1711 for our Athens office or 770-929-3040 for our Conyers location. Visit our website at for further information to address all of your tax-related essentials.