Income Tax Services

At The Tax Shelter, we commit to focusing on your specific needs with a wide range of accounting and advisory services. Our experts have the experience to deliver the right solutions and approaches to fit your needs.

 We have years of experience with income tax services, bringing our customers the best tax returns possible. Filing an income tax can quickly become a complicated process. If you itemize your tax return, there are many things that can become deductions and therefore minimize the amount you owe. Some are rather odd. For instance, did you know that the cost of moving your pet when relocating for a new job is tax deductible? Or if you have a medical condition that can be alleviated by a swimming regimen, you may be able to claim your swimming pool as a tax deduction?

The experts at The Tax Shelter will ensure that you are getting every legal deduction when providing you with our income tax services.

Individual Tax Returns

With The Tax Shelter, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have found a knowledgeable accounting firm. Our experts are accessible when you have questions, communicate in a language you understand, and work with the highest ethical standards to save you the most money on taxes.

Tax Problem Resolution

Are you struggling with the lock that the government has put on you due to a tax problem? If you have a lien or garnished wages, then wait no more. The Tax Shelter offers tax problem resolutions.

Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing is the fastest and most accurate way to file your taxes!

Tax Return Preparation

Federal, state and local tax laws are a confusing jumble of forms, documents, rules and regulations.


Federal Tax Returns

We know federal taxes and the IRS. You need someone that knows all the forms and all the tricks and pitfalls. The Tax Shelter is your best guide through the IRS maze.

Estates and Trusts

An estate or trust is an entity that can be set up in order to protect your assets from excessive taxation. Let us help you choose the right entity for your situation and make certain that the correct paper work is filed and that you are in compliance.

Business Tax Return

Why hassle with forms and filing dates when you can let a professional service handle your state tax needs?


State Tax Returns

While we are experts at Georgia state taxes, we can also help you file state taxes in other states to help you maximize your returns there as well.